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The Wellbeing At Work Lab is a workplace wellbeing consultancy focused on empowering your teams to be able to manage and optimise their mental and physical health.  We provide training and workshops as well as one-on-one support for your workforce and wellbeing consulting for HR teams and senior leaders.

We work with organisations in London and across the globe that are committed to improving the wellbeing, mental health, performance and productivity of their workforce. As well as having an in-depth understanding of how individuals can optimise their wellbeing and performance, we also have extensive experience of working within the corporate world.  This wealth of experience enables us to deliver to you tailored and extremely effective solutions and programmes. 

Our Offering for Your Workforce

Optimise the wellbeing, happiness-levels, performance and productivity of your teams

Live Training

We offer a range of live training, workshops and talks run both online and in-person, each delivered by an expert in the subject matter. Each training session is very practical and designed to enable your workforce to immediately implement steps to optimise their health and wellbeing.

Topics we cover include: resilience-building; mental health awareness; the science of sleep; mindfulness; nutrition; perfectionism and procrastination; confidence building; and managing workload.

Q&A Seminar


We offer a suite of e-learning modules that your employees can access in their own time and re-visit as often as needed.  Each module features a range of practical tools employees can use to boost their health and wellbeing.  In a busy and demanding work environment, this is a great way to support your employees with their health on an ongoing basis. Each of the modules comes with engaging videos, workbooks and other content that your staff can use to guide themselves to a state of optimum wellbeing. 

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Providing one-on-one wellbeing support for your workforce can be a powerfully effective way of improving happiness levels, engagement and productivity. We offer a range of one-on-one interventions for your teams, including executive coaching, counselling, psychotherapy, nutrition-support, sleep clinics and hypnotherapy.  Each individual can be paired with a suitable expert who can help them to transform their mental and physical health so that they feel great and can perform at their best.

Psychology Patient

The Benefits

Employee retention - a happier work-force will result in reduced staff turnover and lower spend on recruitment fees. 

Improved productivity - less sick days taken due to stress, anxiety, depression and poor physical health.  Employees at work will also be more engaged and focused.

Boosted morale - happier employees will work better with each other, improving the working environment and culture. 

Reputational benefits - your organisation will become known as one which invests in the happiness and health of its employees. 

Profitability - happier and healthier employees are more productive and able to perform at a much higher level.

Working Together

“I felt this training was really valuable. I came to it thinking mostly that it might help me support others but it was actually really beneficial on a personal level too. Thanks to the people team for arranging this”


Support Staff Through Covid

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Some of our most popular training sessions for supporting your staff through the pandemic are listed below. These are run virtually as either interactive workshops or webinars.

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Thriving Through Change

Change and uncertainty naturally causes us to feel more stressed and anxious. This session equips participants with tools to cope with change effectively. Once there is less resistance to change, participants should then be able to embrace the opportunities that change presents for them.

Psychology Session

Managing Back-To-Normality Anxiety

As the world begins to open up again, many people are understandably anxious about the changes they will have to go through.  This session equips individuals with tools to understand why they are experiencing anxiety and then to manage this anxiety more effectively.

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Managing Your Mood Through Challenging Times

Many people will have noticed their mood affected negatively by the pandemic. This session empowers participants to be able to shift their mood and to feel more hopeful about the future.  Participants are equipped with a range of psychological tools that they can use to boost their mood.

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Our Purpose

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Empowering individuals to manage their own health and to perform at their best

Very often individuals are not taught tools to manage their mental and physical health until they become unwell.  However, we aim to equip all individuals with the tools that they need to manage their mental and physical health so that we can prevent illness and also get people to a place where they are truly happy, engaged and thriving. 
Happier and healthier individuals can thrive at work

In sectors such as sports, it has long been acknowledged that individuals can be taught skills and benefit from coaching to get them in the mindset and health to be at the top of their game.  We help cultivate this high-performance mindset which yes, helps individuals to thrive at work but also enables them to enjoy happiness in all areas of their life.

Qualified Professionals providing a premium service

With a lot of conflicting and unhelpful advice on health and wellbeing out there, we think that it is very important for you to receive help and information from suitably qualified and trained professionals in the fields of mental health and wellbeing. All of our training and consultancy is provided by appropriately qualified professionals in the health and wellbeing space. For example, mental health training/consultancy will only be delivered by psychotherapists, psychologists or psychiatrists that can bring in their clinical expertise and that have extensive corporate experience too - bringing you a truly premium service.

Why Work With Us

Qualified wellbeing and mental health professionals with an in-depth understanding of the corporate environment

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We are qualified wellbeing and mental health professionals and behaviour change specialists with extensive corporate experience.

We have worked with many leading organisations, including top tier law firms, global investment banks, leading technology companies and many more.

Our workshops are designed to be light-heartened and fun as well as very practical - individuals leave feeling empowered and optimistic about the future. 

We consistently receive positive feedback both on how effective our sessions are but also how enjoyable and fun they are.

We really care... and will work with you to make sure you optimise the wellbeing and happiness of your workforce.

We know that many people already know a lot about health and wellbeing.  We don't just bombard individuals with common-sense information, we equip them with practical tools that they can use to make sustainable changes to their health and wellbeing and show them new ways of thinking about their mental and physical health.  We also know that certain things recommended in the wellbeing space just are not practical or helpful in certain working environments, so ensure that our training sessions are tailored for your organisation and sector.


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